Refund policy

1. General provisions

1.1. If you purchased a key by mistake or decided to refuse the purchased key, received by email, a refund is not possible. However, we can meet you halfway and agree on the moment of return or exchange.

1.2. A refund is possible if the key has not been activated.

1.3. Refunds are not possible if more than 2 weeks have passed since the purchase.

1.4. If the sold key turned out to be inoperable in terms of its activation within its guaranteed period while the client complies with the rules of use of the product, and, if we do not have a replacement within 3 days after the buyer's request - we will refund your money.

1.5. For all questions regarding refunds, write to the email: [email protected]

2. Refund procedure

2.1. A refund is made on the basis of the corresponding refusal of the buyer from the activation key and the return of the amount paid for such a product. A refund for the Activation Key PRO is made no later than 10 days from the date of presentation of the corresponding claim.

3. Refunds

3.1. The amount paid for the activation key is returned in the same way as it was deposited.

3.2. To return the money for the activation key, you need to present:

- a cash receipt;

- an email specified at the time of purchase.